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Agricultural Searches

Metropolitan Abstract Services, Inc. is your acreage and rural research specialist. Performing searches on vacant land, large acreage, small family, and large commercial farms.  We can provide our customers with the necessary research to develop or plat land for either residential or commercial use.  These searches are gone through with the highest level of examination, detailed maps and specification of every document is set out.

MAS provides a wide range of acreage searches, including Deed Reports, O&Es, 2 Deed Refinance, Full Title, 40, 50, and 60 year searches.  Typed Abstracts, Stub Abstracts, RPA’s for Torrens Property as well as typed O&Es, are also available.  MAS can provide master searches for new residential or commercial plats, complete special projects and perform miscellaneous requests.

From our online order form you will see a list of search options, simply click and chose the product you would like to order.  With every search option, there is a product description allowing you to determine which search option best suits your specific needs.  If you require additional information not included with a specific product, simply add the additional items you need to the online form, its that easy!  MAS provides a one to five business day turn around time for Acreage and Rural searches.  Turn around time for special large scale projects are determined by project size. (Note: Additional charges may be added for special requested items.)

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imageIf you need accurate, fair-priced and prompt abstracting, use Metropolitan Abstract Services, Inc. I have worked with MAS for over 10 years and can personally vouch for their high level of professionalism and service.

William C. Peper , Attorney At Law